Saturday, January 3, 2015

Trust In Justin

Sometimes you just have to depend on yourself. There are those times that no matter how much the people around you care for you and watch your back, front and sides that you just have to do it yourself.
I've often lived this way but in the cold expanse of the midwest it's a bit more trying than back on the sunny beaches of Waimanalo.
Yes I said the midwest. Got here right with the snowstorm.

Doing the Desert

It's been a long and difficult winter for our hero. Here I sit in the desert of the palms having given up my Hawaiian wintertime to chase down a particularly crazy and challenging love affair. Has it been worth it? You betcha! Is it still as good as it was? Well, no, it appears to be over already. 
On the up side I got to see the east coast in the dead of the dead season, I've come to self realization about who I am and what I truly care about in this life and of course I still hold out on the possibility that I may one day be Mr. James Bondybey. 
She's as captivating as any island that I've ever spent time on. Her eyes are as green as the Hawaiian pali, her hair the color of a mixed sand beach and she is as sharp as the thistles that grow in the low mountains. I miss her terribly and hope to cross paths with her again soon but for now it's time for Justin to just do Justin. 
To my readers and loved ones I apologize for my lack of contact, this is nothing new to you so deal with it. To anyone who stumbles on this blog for the first time I say chase your dreams! Never let reality be your reality!!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

nine months later

Nah no more babies but i gotcha good you suckas!
Its been a difficult, crazy and confusing summer but what else is new?
This time around I think I'm going to keep my travel plans to myself and those who matter but as always we're in transit and headed off to the familiarity of the tropics, winter styles.
I have some words and advice for my fellow travelers that I'll share at a later time but for now let's just remember that the world can be as big or small as it cares to be, as always watch what ya wish for.
I wish that I had words to express the love that I feel for those certain, very special people that are the closest to my heart, but I don't. How's about I just keep living aloha and payin' em forward yeah? Yeah. Da. Si. Hai.
mucho aloha and catch ya on da flip

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eh Boys!

Riv and Sage your dad misses ya both! I hope youre both happy and well and chasing your dreams. Keep rocking the drums Riv, I got you your first kit when you were two. Keep readin GG youre my carbon copy and I have an insatiable appetite for words. Aloha boys and be good to yourselves.

Monday, November 25, 2013

triple c

nope, havent been locked up, just locked down with too much work and too little technology to post my crazy kine thoughts and feelings. i miss you blog!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013